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2016 Subject prize winners


2016 Subject prize winners

CTC held their annual Awards Ceremony on 19 November which was well attended.  It was a celebration of the excellent achievements of last year’s leavers and is definitely a key date in the calendar next year!

Seth Malik
Seth achieved this grade with sheer hard work and inspiration in his A2 year of studies.  He grew into being a student with a fine accounting brain.  He had set himself this target at the start of the second year having a B grade in AS and in the second year of studies he really went for it (he did not retake any of his AS units  – so everything achieved for the more demanding A2 units). He is a good example of someone who has changed their approach to their studies along the way and achieves the benefit of having done this. Well done!

Dong Zhan
Through hard work and determination Dong (Adam) developed his skills in Photography, gaining a place on the highly regarded Graphic Design degree course at Leeds.

Roy Teng
He only came in to do A-level Biology with year 9 biology knowledge. He initially struggled but really geared up after his AS exams then achieving an A* in Biology. I think he much deserves the prize.
Yee Mon Tin Maung
Yee Mon worked diligently throughout the entire A-level course and made exceptional efforts to pursue her interest in the subject.
Yihan Xiong
Yihan worked diligently throughout the entire A-level course and made exceptional efforts to pursue her interest in the subject.

Mithali Mittra
Outstanding achievement (highest A level score in the year)
Yee Mon Tin Maung
Exceptional improvement

Nur Sabrina Binti MD Zaid
Sabrina achieved the highest UMS score in the year group in Economics in the academic year 2015-2016. She is awarded the academic achievement prize in Economics.
Karina Isacenkova
Having joined the Economics A level course, 7 weeks late, Karina has gone on to make significant progress and achieve a very respectable A grade in the subject. Karina wins the Economics progress prize.

Nelynn Ng
Enthusiasm, dedication and excellent coursework – graded at A at AS and A2 level.

Nicole Johnson
Outstanding A Level Geography result. Focused and dedicated application to the subject over her two years at CTC. Contribution to class and engagement with, interest in and enjoyment of the subject. Nicole was an excellent student who fully utilised her time at CTC. She worked hard and contributed much.

Nicole Johnson
For achieving an A Grade and for consistently high academic performance throughout her studies as well as her contribution to group learning.

Ruth Sang and Nelynn Ng
Worked equally hard and while Ruth got an A, Nelynn missed out by a handful of marks.  They should get an award for two years of cheerful mutual support and enthusiastic commitment.

Natthaphong Damsuwan
This student has been nominated for persistence and effort over two years of study which paid off: He got a 7.0

Noel Png Chen Jie (MATHS)
Outstanding results in A level Mathematics (the best results in the cohort doing only one A level).
Chi Zen (Ruth) Sang (STATISTICS)
Outstanding results in AQA Statistics A Level.
Chi Zen (Ruth) Sang (STATISTICS)
Further Mathematics (Outstanding Achievement in both Pure & Applied Mathematics)
Mithali Mittra
Quoc Duy Nguyen (‘Foex’)
Runners up in Further Mathematics:
(Outstanding achievement in Applied Mathematics)
(Outstanding achievement in Pure Mathematics)
Dinmukhamed Shardarbek
Outstanding Effort & Progress in Further Mathematics

Yeung Pok Nga Lau (Athena)
Improvement in achievement, resulting in an A* grade and a positive attitude to understanding Physics throughout.

Amaani Shah
She is the first CTC student to gain an A in Psychology.  She worked consistently well throughout the two-year course.


Player of the year – Noel Png Chen Jie

Sportsmanship award – Kurt (Fankun) Lu
Player of the year – Wei-Lun Chen

Sportsmanship award – Emil Danial Endie Jude Tofil
Player of the year – Valentin Avram

Duke of Edinburgh
Outstanding performance – Mithali MittraYee Mon Tin MaungRuth (Chi Zhen) Sang

All-round Contribution to College Magazine: Nur Sabrina Binti Md Zaid

Outstanding Contribution to College Life Prize: Iuliia Promskaia

Last Name First Name Student Nationality A Level Grades University Destination Degree Course
1. KANG Ruya CHINESE A*, A*, A*, A Imperial Mathematics with Statistics
2. KOK Jian Yi MALAYSIAN A*, A*, A*, A Cambridge Natural Sciences
3. MITTRA Mithali Maya MALAYSIAN A*,A*, A*, A UCL Economics
4. NOVITSKIY Pavel RUSSIAN A*, A*, A, A, A Gap year
5. MD ZAID Nur Sabrina Binti MALAYSIAN A*, A*, A, A UCL Engineering
6. NGUYEN Quoc Duy VIETNAMESE A*, A*, A, A LSE Economics
7. TENG Roy Zen Sing SINGAPOREAN A*, A*, A, A National Service
8. MAO Zhisheng CHINESE A*, A, A, A Imperial Physics with Theoretical Physics
9. PROMSKAIA Iuliia RUSSIAN A*, A, A, A Nottingham Mathematics and Economics
10. JOHNSON Nicole MALAYSIAN A*, A, A, A Durham Philosophy, Politics and Economics
11. MOHL Thiri MYANMAR A*, A, A, A Bristol Aerospace Engineering
12. SANG Chi Zhen MALAYSIAN A, A, A, A, B LSE Social Anthropology
13. TANG Cherilyn Wan Ting SINGAPOREAN A, A, A, A UCL Biomedical Sciences