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British Biology Olympiad success


British Biology Olympiad success

The British Biology Olympiad (BBO) is a national competition run by the Royal Society of Biology. This year 7800 students participated in the competition nationwide.

Out of our 15 Year 12 and Year 13 students who entered, they achieved 4 silver medals, 6 bronze medals and 2 commendations.

Silver medalists:
  • Chyu Laing Yan Naing
  • Mahta Vaez Alavi
  • May Soe Soe Swe
  • Thu Kha Moe
Bronze medalists:
  • Sameel Ahmed
  • Cindy Naw
  • Olivia Exarchou
  • Emirah Arjunaidi Jamaludin
  • Zhen Hao Heng
  • Xiang Tai Tan
  • Xinyue Hu
  • Ophelia Chan

Congratulations to our outstanding Biologists for their achievements in this year’s competition.