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Congratulations to our Physics Students


Congratulations to our Physics Students

This week Principal Dr Drew awarded our high achieving physics students certificates for the AS Physics Challenge

The Challenge is part of the British Physics Olympiad competitions run by Oxford University. It consists of a very demanding one-hour paper comprising questions that stretch lateral thinking skills and require candidates to apply fundamental physical principles to novel situations. Fifteen Year 12 students volunteered to take part, obtaining four silver and five bronze certificates. Warm congratulations to all those who took part.

Pictured below from left to right  are Sorachat Chuenwongaroon, Minh Nguyen, Darrell Ket Wui Lee, Tiancheng Song and Zhizhong He. Also in the picture are proud physics teachers , Anne Hanzal,  Head of Department Dr Greg Farrrelly and Andrew Cook.



The Results in full:

Jiachen Liu
Ilya Iskovs
Haoming (William)Wang
Sorachat Chuenwongaroon
Minh Nguyen
Seth Daood
Bence Luo
Naomi Walters
Pengling Guo
Ahmed Ali Kayyale
Bronze 1
Darrell Ket Wui Lee
Zhizhong He
Iurii Maksymets
Bronze 2
Tiancheng Song
Peisen Wang