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CTC and the CIFE challenge


CTC and the CIFE challenge

On the warmest early Bank Holiday in the UK since records began, CTC set off to participate in the CIFE Inter College Quiz Challenge 2018.

CIFE is a group of 23 Independent UK Colleges and this Challenge is a very sought after prestigious award and prize. Next door to the National History Museum, which looked stunning against the bright blue sky, the new venue was Baden Powell House.

This is the headquarters of the Scouting movement, an organisation itself steeped in history and tradition. In all these wonderful surroundings, CTC settled down and the Quiz began.

The rounds were complex and challenging, Maths, Geography, General Knowledge, History, Science, the questions just kept coming. The quiz is varied and electronic in style, team questions and individual questions with no conferring. First finger first rounds, press quickly and correctly for extra bonus points, press wrong for deductions of severe penalties – up to 400 points can be removed!!!

First 2 teams answering correctly in some rounds excluded teams from the next 2 questions. The rounds needed sharp attention to detail, speed of reaction as well as the correct answer and even some luck!

CTC stormed ahead in the first 3 rounds, being 1st place each time. Mrs Brown was on the CIFE Staff team, although not allowed in the quiz, their score was on display after each round and reached the highest position of 2nd at one point in the competition.

The rounds also included some fun questions, betting on horse races using probability and assessing risk and guess the unidentified food object using smell and sight only. The answers included fenugreek, pesto and mussels – all in 28 degrees heat!

After a delicious lunch, CTC had varied luck – some successful rounds and some low scores, but never giving up. At 3.30 pm all the rounds had been completed, CTC had just had an outstanding round on sport.

The result? FIRST PLACE TO CTC!!!

Well done to our amazing team:

  • CONDE  Jan Michael Gwen
  • KUKA  Armedin
  • LA  Anh Duy
  • WEIN  Zhong Han
  • WUISAN  Tiemothy Richard David

Escorted on the day by Mrs Brown – who is still smiling, CTC is so proud of our wonderful students!!

The prize? You could not buy it!

The winning team will be taken to the House of Lords for tea, hosted by Lord Lexden in the Lords Tearoom, followed by a tour of the Lords and observing the House of Lords in session with prime public gallery viewing seats.

An amazing day and an amazing experience to come. Our congratulations and thanks go to our wonderful five CTC students! Well done team!