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CTC Annual Quiz


CTC Annual Quiz

On Thursday after college the annual CTC quiz took place with Mr Coombes taking on the dual role of question setter and quiz master. There were some very good questions and all the students and staff had a great time. A popular round involved matching the Disney animation to the picture provided, perhaps an indication of what students do in their spare time? A lasting memory for us all will be the most fiendish question from the “Riddles” round; Mr Coombes held up a picture of a bee and said, “What’s in my eye?” The answer was “beauty”. He was a bee holder and beauty is in the eye of the beholder! Needless to say, halfway through proceedings we stopped for some tasty fish and chips from McDermott’s and because the evening was for charity, our profit of about £50 will be given to a charity – this will be confirmed in due course.

The winning team consisted of:

  • Afrina Chairil
  • Druv Rajkoomar
  • Anh Duy La
  • Zichao Zhou
  • Hoang Tung Pham
  • Huong Giang Pham

And of course Mrs Brown and Mrs Das Gupta!