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Debating free speech


Debating free speech

Cambridge Tutors College’s Debating Society met to discuss the motion: ‘This house believes in the freedom to say and publish anything, even if this offends a person’s religion’.

Students from the society chose this topic in the wake of the massacre in Paris of journalists from the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. Our society often debates issues concerned with freedom of speech.

After a very high-quality debate, with views ranging from both sides, the motion was not carried, with the audience voting against the motion that there should be the freedom to say and publish anything.

Interestingly, in a pre-debate vote, the audience were quite evenly split between those ‘in favour’ and those ‘against’, but clearly the chance to listen to the arguments changed the minds of some students.

Well done to all our participants!

Debate Mate Schools 2015 Saturday 7th February

This year the Debating Society will be taking teams to Deloitte’s London Headquarters, where they will be involved in a debating competition, which a chance to compete in four rounds of British Parliamentary debating, culminating in a Grand Final.