Emergency Communication Including in the Event of College Closure

Emergency Communication Including in the Event of College Closure

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  • NCUK is a consortium of leading universities dedicated to giving international students guaranteed access to universities and helping students succeed when they get there.

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International Foundation Year

The NCUK International Foundation Year (IFY)is designed with NCUK university partners to prepare international students for first year entry to undergraduate degree courses.

Its purpose is to help bridge the gap between a student’s local qualification and starting a university degree.

Students who successfully complete the IFY gain guaranteed access to thousands of degree courses at NCUK universities.

Why choose NCUK?

    • NCUK Guarantee – Students who pass their qualification are guaranteed a place at an NCUK university and can choose from thousands of degree courses.
    • NCUK recruits students from over 100+ nationalities each year:
      – 90% of NCUK students get into their first choice university
      – 80% of NCUK students achieve a first or second class degree at university

When emergency communication of information is considered essential (for example, in relation to the temporary closure of the College), the following procedures will apply:

• The Principal will take the appropriate and necessary decision (for example, to close the College), normally after consulting the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) and the Premises Manager.
• In his absence, the Head of Student Welfare will assume the responsibility.
• Staff who receive a Government Emergency Alert (from Jan 2023) should inform the Principal or member of the SLT to confirm the nature of the emergency and appropriate action required.

A message confirming any decision will be:

• Posted on the College’s website and College Facebook by the, IT Consultant (Stephen Oakes) or their assistants in their absence
• There is also an alert facility on the website that can also be used
• Sent, via a multiple ISAMS SMS message, to students by the IT Consultant, Stephen Oakes (instructions below)
• Sent, via a multiple ISAMS SMS message, to the staff carried out by the IT Consultant, Stephen Oakes (Under College Management) tab from within ISAMS
• Placed on the CTC Portal by the IT Consultant, Stephen Oakes
• Left on the College’s telephone answering machine by a member of the Reception staff unless entry into the building in order to do so is impossible.


Bad Weather planning

• For the benefit of staff, parents/guardians and students, the Principal will arrange for information to indicate whether the College will be open or closed to be posted on the College website by 7.30am if possible. The message should also include an estimated duration of closure warning.
• The Principal will arrange for all staff to be sent a ISAMS text message, by 7.30am if possible. The message should also include an estimated duration of closure warning.
• Where a member of the teaching staff makes a decision to not come to work – even though the College is open – (s)he should send an email to the Principal giving details of work to be set for students.
• The College will take reasonable steps to ensure that the College is a safe place for employees, students and visits to work, in some situations the Principal and his advisors may advise staff and students to come to College via public transport

iSAMS Process

Open Student Manager on iSAMS and follow the steps below:

1. Click ‘search’ box on right bottom hand side of screen next to ‘search and save’
2. Select All pupils by clicking box at top left hand side of screen next to ‘Pupils Name’
3. Selected Pupils in pink becomes available at top of right hand side of screen – of the box and scroll to the bottom
4. Select ‘SMS wizard’
5. Tick both boxes and click ‘next’
6. Tick all boxes and click ‘next’
7. Select ‘next’ and then ‘OK’
8. Type in text box then select ‘send’

Revised: August 2023 CD
Next Review August 2024

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