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Kaiser in the dock


Kaiser in the dock

To commemorate the centenary of the start of the Great War,  CTC students in the History Society put the Kaiser,  heavily disguised as the Principal, into the dock accused of being responsible for the start of the conflict. Despite a vigorous case for the prosecution (Aleksandrs Cernavskis), assisted by von Schlieffen (Amirah Chairil),  the Kaiser was expertly defended by Thu Phuong  Phan.The trial was well attended by students and staff; searching questions were asked of the defendant.

However, the jury came to the verdict that the case was Not Proven against the Kaiser.

The whole occasion was great entertainment as well as being informative and the format will be repeated later on this term in another Society meeting.

Kaiser in the dock

The prosecution set out the facts of the case

Thu Phong Phan confidently defends her client, the Kaiser