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Maths Challenge Results


Maths Challenge Results

Once again our Mathematics  Students performed fantastically well in the Senior Maths Challenge (held in November 2015)

The competition is taken by 82,000 students nationally. Of the 64 students at CTC who took the challenge 14 reached Gold level,19 Silver and 19 were awarded Bronze.

Special congratulations to Yuyi, Jaichen and Ruya who were the highest  achievers in their year group. Yuyi did particularly well as he was one of youngest students taking the Challenge.

 Best in GCSE (and best in College)  Yuyi Zhang (Peter)
 Best In Year 1  Jaichen Liu
 Best In Year 2  Ruya Kang (Christine)

All our Gold Award Winners are listed below:

   Gold Award Winners
GCSE Students
Yuyi ZHANG (Peter)
Year 1 Students
Jaichen Liu Merit
 Wanting Zheng Merit
 Lurii Maksymets Merit
 Darrell Lee
 Zhizhong He (Oscar)
Year 2 Students
 Ruya Kang (Christine) Merit
 Zhisheng Mao (Winson)
Jiemin Jin (Lucia)
 Te Fu
Thatana Jerdnapapun
Jian Yi Kok
Athena Lau
Haoyu Ran (Mark)

Well done to all our students who took part