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Physics AS Challenge Certificates


Physics AS Challenge Certificates

The Physics AS Challenge is a very difficult examination set by the British Olympiad team at Oxford University.

This year, eleven Year 12 students entered and obtained the following results.  Eight of the students, including the Gold winners, are in the Physics Extension class.

Fewer than 5 per cent of the candidates, about 100 students, obtained Gold, so we were delighted that two of our students, Chenming Wang and Zhetao Xu, received this award.









The full list of awardees are below:

Chenming (Kevin) WANG Gold

Zhetao (Thomas)XU Gold

Chung Tou Nicolas LUK Bronze I

Yuyi (Peter) ZHANG Bronze I

Yat Sing (Alex) LEUNG Bronze II

Pongpanot (Thame) SAWAKIT Bronze II

May Soe Soe SWE Bronze II

Lisen CHEN Bronze II

Rui LI Bronze II

Thu Kha (Melvin) MOE Commendation

Cindy @ Sweet NAW Commendation

Congratulations to them all!