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Report on Maths competitions 2018-19


Report on Maths competitions 2018-19

Presentation of Award certificates & Photoshoot: March 22nd 2019

Senior Maths Challenge Results Nov 2018

The SMC is run by the UK Mathematics Trust and is taken by over 82, 000 students nationally
Total entrants from CTC: 30
Gold Awards: 11 (37% of entrants compared to 10% nationally).
Silver Awards: 10 (33%)
Bronze Awards: 7 (23%)
93% of all CTC entrants won an award, (compared to 60% nationally).

Senior Kangaroo competition (Nov 2018)

This is by invitation only, for the highest scorers (This year, anybody who earned a Gold certificate in the SMC).
Nationally, approximately 6000 out of 82,000 students qualified to take the Kangaroo competition (7.3%)
At CTC, 11 students qualified to enter the Senior Kangaroo competition (37% of CTC entrants).
Three of the 11 Kangaroo ‘qualifiers’ chose to take the BMO 1 (British Maths Olympiad) instead. Of the remaining eight students, four (50% of the entrants), (Haoran CHEN (Elkan), Yuanzhuo HU (Andy), Zichao ZHOU (Joe) and Tim WUISAN) were awarded ‘Merit’ (for being in the top 25% of Kangaroo entrants nationally).
Nationally, 2.5% of Maths challenge entrants go on to achieve ‘Merit’ so this is an outstanding achievement.

BMO1 and BMO2 (Dec 2018-Jan 2019)

Three of the 11 Kangaroo ‘qualifiers’ chose to take the BMO 1 along with one other candidate:
Bingyan YU (Joshua), Dao XIANG, Shifeng LIU (Leo) and Armedin KUKA.
Both Dao and Leo achieved a Merit award in the BMO1
In addition, Dao Xiang opted to take BMO 2.
Both BMO 1 and BMO 2 examinations are extremely difficult (probably the most challenging examinations available to pre-university students). All entrants are be congratulated for their enthusiasm and fortitude.


Overall, results in 2018-19 are better than the previous year, with an increase in the % of Gold Awards and an increase in the number of Kangaroo qualifiers .
SMC Best in Year 11: Xinying LI (Ashlyn)
SMC Best in Year 12: Haoran CHEN (Elkan)
SMC Best in Year 13 & Best in College: Dao XIANG