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My time at CTC by Barbara Bielecka


My time at CTC by Barbara Bielecka

I will never forget the feeling that comes with opening your A-level results, knowing that your whole academic life has boiled down to this last year and that your future is right there inside the envelope.

When opening one of the most important letters of your life, you want to be confident that you and your educational institution has done everything to ensure optimal results, and by going to CTC this is exactly what you’ll get. Throughout the whole journey, you are cushioned by the knowledge that you are taught by outstanding teachers and have experienced a tried and tested method of exam preparation that will ensure confidence and comfort in the exam room. For me, results day was one of the happiest days of my life, and I truly and unreservedly thank CTC for helping me achieve my results.

When choosing a Sixth Form, I knew I wanted something different. Flicking through prospectuses and searching online, I was bombarded with countless pieces of information about numerous schools in my area. The difficulty stemmed from the similarity of each institution and the portrayal that each of the schools was the perfect choice for me. However, it was only after I visited the various schools and colleges that I realised that CTC was the breath of fresh air that I needed.

It was an environment where I would be treated as an adult, where my opinion would hold weight and make a difference, and where I could benefit from a multi-cultural community and make friends and connections from all over the world.

Starting a new school or college can be daunting for anyone, but at CTC the close-knit community spirit ensures that everyone feels relaxed and part of the group. The variety of activates and trips such as outings to Brighton, Thorpe Park and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter are a perfect way for students to interact and build friendships. In addition to general excursions, there are subject specific trips that enhance the academic experience. My favourite was the tour of the Houses of Parliament, which was conducted by then MP for Croydon Central, Gavin Barwell, who not only took us through the Palace but also answered questions from enthusiastic Government and Politics students. Furthermore, help and support is readily available. Every student is given a personal tutor who tracks his or her progress and is available for moral support. My personal tutor was Dr. Oliphant, who not only ensured I stayed on track academically but was there to listen to my worries and queries during and outside tutor periods. In certain schools and colleges, visiting the Head of Year or Principal could be a disconcerting task riddled with formalities and long waiting lists. This is definitely not the case at CTC. Never before had I felt so comfortable with the Senior Leadership Team, who not only made me feel at ease but also were incredibly understanding and helped me greatly throughout my time of need.

For many students and parents, academia is the most important aspect of the educational experience. The education I received at CTC was exceptional in every one of my subjects. This is due to a number of factors including the intimate class sizes that ensure no student fades into the background, the regular test periods that ensure maximum preparation for exams, and the fantastic teachers who go out of their way for the students that they teach. It is very rare to find the passion and enthusiasm that CTC teachers have, and I was aware throughout the whole process that my teachers cared immensely about my progress and well-being. As someone who wanted to do History at university, it was important for me to find a strong History department. The History department was remarkable and Dr. Oliphant was a true inspiration. The vastness of his knowledge and his immense experience ensured that we obtained all the information and guidance needed to succeed in the exam room, and the skills and knowledge to prepare us for university. The lessons were always enjoyable, grabbing and packed to the brim with information.

GCSE and A-level results are some of the most important results a student will ever get. My time at CTC has not only ensured that I achieved an outstanding academic verdict but has allowed me to thrive and become a well-rounded, mature and confident individual, who is optimistic about the future. I will always remember the hard work and dedication of my teachers and the community feeling that made CTC a very special place. I am so grateful to have experienced life at this amazing college and I am proud to be part of the CTC alumni.