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Valentine’s Day at CTC


Valentine’s Day at CTC

The Student Committee prepared for Valentine’s Day by organising activities together with a lunchtime concert. There was a Valentine’s board on which students were able to write a message to their Valentine or a friend. Hand-designed cards, and chocolates were also on sale and proceeds went to charity. For those who did not have quite enough courage to confess their love, the Student Committee delivered the cards anonymously throughout the day!

By lunchtime, everyone gathered in the Hall to have a glimpse of our very talented students and staff! Our excellent saxophonist, Rui (Karthus) Li, followed by Yingying (Constance) Feng who played the flute brilliantly, opened the concert! One nervous member of the Student Committee – Brandon Lim – took his guitar to the stage and performed a beautiful song, and there was silence in the audience for Hana Bossong’s piano solo. Dr Rodgers and Cindy Naw performed a duet before the concert ended with a performance from the wonderful CTC Choir!

Special thanks goes to the Student Committee for organising all the activities.