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As a dedicated Sixth Form college, we provide A-Level and GCSE courses across an extensive range of subjects and pride ourselves on the depth of our curriculum as well as our excellent teaching methods that help prepare students for adult life beyond CTC. We have three intakes each year, September and January, but also offer a one-term pre-sessional IELTS course in April each year.

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    What courses are you interested in taking?

    What makes studying here stand out from other institutions is our unique philosophy of learning and teaching among an extraordinary close-knit community. From the process of choosing their subjects through to sitting their final exams, we offer specialist hands-on support required as part of a bespoke learning programme that works to fuel individual aspirations and craft memorable experiences at the same time. CTC adopts a holistic view of education in order to equip our students with the necessary skills to excel in life and, as a baseline, we set a great academic expectation to inspire them to work hard during their time with us. Our class sizes are very small, an average of six students per class, and our highly qualified teaching staff are experienced in this proven tutor-style setting that stimulates intelligent enquiry and discussion and sees exceptional results year on year.
    Using our impressive library and learning resource centre, students are expected to pursue some level of independent learning to foster a better sense of responsibility and taking ownership of their personal development, yet we keep close tabs on them through weekly testing and regular monitoring. The Head of Year position at CTC oversees both GCSE and A-Level learning programmes and, supported by a team of personal tutors, supervises both the academic and pastoral progress of each and every student that enrols at our College. This close pedagogical care is what CTC is renowned for and what promotes the academic and all-rounded excellence that we continue to witness from our student body.
    Alexander Serebryakov
    "Studying at СTC was an amazing journey that took me from A-levels to University. It was due to the responsiveness of teachers and their mentorship that I was able go to University of Nottingham to study Mathematics MMath. I had an incredible opportunity to meet interesting people from all over the globe and make some lifelong friends. I would recommend CTC for anyone who wants to get A-level education with a bit of style."
    Chulin Meng (Lucy)
    "One thing I appreciated was CTC’s unique, friendly learning atmosphere, I was surrounded by a society where everyone is passionate for studying and eager to learn new things. I found the experience truly enjoyable, and studying there was definitely one of the best experiences in my life, I am grateful for what all my tutors did. I would recommend Cambridge Tutors College to people who looking for a place where dreams would come true."
    William Lyon
    "I joined CTC on the 18 month course with the aim of taking a Masters in Chemistry at Surrey University. Studying with CTC far exceeded my expectations. My tutors were always approachable and available if needed. Guidance was also always on hand to assist with co-curricular activities and the UCAS application process. All in all, my time at CTC was very enjoyable and successful. I achieved my aim and I am now a MChem Undergraduate at Surrey University."