University Destinations

University Destinations

CTC students have a consistently excellent record in securing places at the very best universities in the UK and the overwhelming majority of our students go on to study at university here in Britain. Our most recent University Destination list for 2018 student leavers can be downloaded below.

Expert guidance and support for university life after CTC is provided by staff throughout the whole time our students are with us. This support plays an invaluable part in helping students secure a place on the university course of their choice – usually their first choice.

The  Principal, along with our University Admissions Officer, organises a comprehensive programme of weekly lunchtime lectures which are given by a variety of speakers including representatives from the top universities, former CTC students who have successfully gone through the university process as well as CTC staff. Specific lectures are arranged for Oxbridge applicants and those wishing to apply for law, medicine and dentistry courses.

Students are given help with their UCAS Personal Statements by their personal tutors and the Principal. Mock university practice interviews are carried out with external interviewers as well as with the Principal to ensure students are confident on the day of their interview. Students are also given the opportunity to attend an Interview Training Course which is conducted by a professional agency specialising in interview techniques.

The College provides carefully written references which are tailored to the individual student’s chosen course.

The College Library has a comprehensive selection of university prospectuses and an extensive careers section which helps students to make informed choices regarding their future.


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CTC, being a worldwide institution, offers a multitude of opportunities for learning and engaging in research endeavors on an international scale.

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At CTC, we empower you to explore your interests and wholeheartedly pursue your passions throughout your academic journey.

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