Oxbridge/Medicine programme

NCUK Foundation Course

Students interested in applying to either Oxford or Cambridge University to study Medicine or Veterinary Science can enrol on this dedicated course at CTC.

The programme for this is as follows:

  • Starting in the January of the first year of A’Levels, the duration of the course is only two terms and therefore finishes in June that same year.
  • Students are taught for one hour per week in addition to their normal timetable. Please note that there is no tuition cost for this course.
  • Students will start by developing good analytical and critical thinking skills and be supported in increasing their ability to verbally articulate thoughts.
  • The course is designed to improve research skills, presentations skills and interview techniques.
  • Once a student has finalised their choice of course and university, the subsequent tuition is specially tailored to cater for any specific needs.
  • Students are expected to complete an EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) as part of their studies and CTC has a special programme designed to support them in fulfilling this exact requirement.
  • A familiarisation trip to either Cambridge or Oxford University will be offered to each student participating on this course.
  • And finally, students receive specialist subject support from CTC’s dedicated Heads of Department.
The timeline for the Oxbridge Medicinal Programme is below:

September (Year 1): A lecture is held introducing the CTC Oxbridge Medicinal Programme.

October: Students apply in writing to the Principal explaining why they want to participate on the course.

November:  Successful applicants are informed of their place on the course.

January: The course begins with one lesson being held per week.

February: Students begin their EPQ requirement.

June: Students complete the first draft of their personal statement for application to Oxbridge.

June – August: Students are expected to undertake further work experience, summer classes and should complete the main work on their EPQ

September (Year 2): When returning to college, students finish their EPQ as well as their UCAS application and hand in the final version of their personal statement.

October: The official deadline for applications is 15th October but students are expected to have finished their full application the week prior to this date.

The Oxbridge Medicinal Programme is taught by Mrs Sanderson (Head of Chemistry) and Mrs Abeelack (Head of Upper Sixth). In addition to this expert team of tutors, students will receive regular support from our specialized UCAS application support team.


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